Changing Perceptions is a community-led project, shaped and

guided by people who responded to the Positive Voices survey. Through workshops, a large and diverse group of people with HIV shared personal experiences and directed the Positive Voices data analysis. The result is a series of reports and a web resource that aim to change perceptions about living with HIV. The project is supported by Positively UK, National AIDS Trust (NAT) and researchers from Public Health England


Positive Voices

A unique survey of the lives and experiences of people living with HIV in England and Wales

The survey asked about: health and wellbeing, non-HIV health conditions and medications, experiences with healthcare, met and unmet needs, sex and relationships, lifestyle issues, and financial security. The questionnaire was designed in collaboration with people living with HIV, academics, clinicians and NHS commissioners. The full report of the Positive Voices 2017 survey findings will be published in January 2018. 

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