Our Stories

These are our stories. We are sharing them with you because we believe that perceptions around HIV must change, so that we can lead healthy lives and be treated with dignity and respect. 

Whether you are someone living with HIV, a researcher, politician, healthcare worker, commissioner, or simply stumbled across this report, we hope that these stories will resonate with you and change your perceptions of HIV.

Nicholas, aged 40, London

Learning the value of my own life through my HIV diagnosis

Nicholas's Story

Angela, aged 54, Birmingham

No more suffering in silence

Angela's story

Ben, aged 65, North Yorkshire

Overcoming isolation with a little help from my peers

Ben's Story

Johannes, aged 49, Kent

Looking out for myself when managing HIV with other long-term conditions

Johannes's story

Sara, aged 53, London

No one thought this would happen to me

Sara's Story

Storrm, aged 42, Brighton

Staying determined and optimistic

Storrm's Story

Mary, aged 45, London

Gaining strength through the love and support of others

Mary's Story

Alexander, aged 49, London

Focusing on my future

Alexander's Story

Rose, aged 55, London

Living openly positive

Rose's story

Sima, aged 48, London

Realising my worth

Sima's story

John, aged 61, Surrey

Getting the best from relationships with my healthcare team

John's Story