A special thanks to all the people living with HIV who took part in the Positive Voices survey, particularly those that volunteered their time and expertise to the Changing Perceptions project.

Positive Voices Study Team: Megan Auzenbergs, Valerie Delpech, Deborah Gold, Meaghan Kall, Silvia Petretti, Kat Smithson, Ewan Summersbey

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Photography by Mareike Günsche/Aspectus

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Photos: Positive Voices participants and Positively UK peer mentors volunteered to be photographed for this report in order to give a face to HIV and help break down the stigma surrounding HIV.

Thanks to ViiV and Gilead for their support.

Note on gender: when gender breakdowns are presented, transmen and transwomen were included in the gender groups with which they self-identified. Due to small numbers, thosewho identify as non-binary/in another way (representing 0.5% of Positive Voices respondents) are excluded from binary gender breakdowns.

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